Light weight

Light weight of panels (3,5 - 5,6 kg/m2) less than
30 - 50% of same size other metal panels reduce building load stress as well as workers' easy handling.

Fire resistant

Special fire resistant core material available for use in sensitive locations.

Excellent weather resistance

NEOBOND® panels coated with fluorocarbon (PVDF) resin, feature superior corrosion resistance, strong adhesion and alkali resistance, powdering resistance of ultraviolet light.

Easy processing and installation

Can easily be cut, grooved, rout, bent to different shapes and angles by simple tools used for processing wood and metal.
By means of panels light weight the installation work is going to be easy and fast. For this reason, it saves the cost.

Impact resistance

It features good impact resistance and toughness. The coating layer is not to be crashed when it's bent. The panel is not to be damaged when in a strong windy and sandy condition.

Easy for maintenance

The anti-contaminant property has been obviously improved for composite aluminum panel.
The panel needs to maintain and clean after several years use. Only neutral cleanser and water needed for its self-clean performance. It looks like before after cleaning.


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