Make a shape

Sawing with a regular circular saw for metals
to make a straight-line edge
Punching with a punching machine or manually to make a decoration
Freeform cutting with any kind of mechanical cutting device, including a jigsaw and CNC router Cutting with sharp guillotine blade to make a quick straight edge
V-grooving with V-shaped CNC router bit or special circular blade to make a straight bend Roll bending with CNC or manual machinery
to make a rounded bend

Make a joint

Drilling with regular drill bits for metals Welding with a hot PE rods
Riveting with any kind of rivets Screwing with any kind of screws
Gluing with any industrial glue for metals or double sided adhesive tapes (not applicable to core gluing)    

Make an impression

Vinyl application with a plotting device pre-cut vinyl film Laminating and photo mounting with mechanical or manual laminating machines
Digital printing with any kind of flat-bed printers Painting with a spray paint or a brush
Screen printing with regular screen printing techniques    

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