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NEOBOND® is a registered trademark of construction material, which is presented by Williams Ltd.

NEOBOND® is aluminium composite material made from two sheets of 0.21-0.5 mm aluminium skins on both sides, laminated to a polyethylene core.

NEOBOND® has excellent durability and weather resistance; the first is by composite structure of aluminium and core layer, the second is treated by PVDF coating.

NEOBOND® composite panels are mainly used as exterior wall cladding material for all types of buildings, both new constructions and renovations of old buildings.


NEOBOND® is a versatile decorative material for exterior and interior use:

  • Building exterior curtain walls
  • Decoration reformation storey addition for old buildings
  • Soffits, beams and facade finishes
  • Balcony and canopy cladding
  • Column covers
  • Metal ceilings and partitions
  • Exhibition and display stands, shop fronts and signages
  • Interior decoration of bathrooms and kitchens
  • Door panels and frames
  • Advertising boards
  • Industrial materials, vehicle and boat materials

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