Neobond PVDF
Neobond Metal

Neobond Sign

Panel consist of two aluminium sheets and polyethylene core (or FR mineral core) between them bonded together. Available with one side Polyester coating and two side's Polyester coating.

General properties Standard values Custom values
Panel thickness 3 mm 2, 3, 4, 6 mm
Aluminium thickness 0,30 mm 0,21, 0,30 mm
Panel width 1500 mm 1.00, 1.25,
1.50, 2.00 m
Panel length 3050, 4050 mm up to 6000 mm

Mechanical characteristics

General properties Standard values
Weight, kg/m2 3,9
Bending strength, MPa 81,2
Bending elastic modulus, MPa 1,85 x 10-4
Penetrating resistance, kN 5,4
Shearing strength, MPa 23
180ºC peel strength 5,6
Thermal expansion coefficient 2,82 x 10-5 ºC-1
Heat distortion temperature, ºC 100


NEOBOND® Sign aluminium composite panel of versatile application for interior and exterior use. This is the best choice to realize your unique identity and style. Panels are available with one side matt coating, and double-side Polyester coating: one side gloss, other side matt.

NEOBOND® digital

NEOBOND® digital aluminium composite panels are ideal for direct digital printing. Specially developed polyester coating shows high-quality photorealistic image. Panels are available with one-side and double-side Digital coating.

NEOBOND® brushed

NEOBOND® Brushed texture of the aluminium surface creates attractive look and unique style of the panel. Due to its modern appearance, panel has extremely wide application in signage, interior design, shop's decoration, furniture, elevators, display systems, nameplates and so on. 12 colors of NEOBOND® Brushed panel are available for order.

NEOBOND® mirror

NEOBOND® Mirror aluminium composite panel has a reflective surface as a glass mirror. At the same time, NEOBOND® Mirror panel has  considerably lower weight, better formability and break resistance. Easy processing and mounting makes it popular for indoor and outdoor decoration.

NEOBOND® anti scratch

NEOBOND® Anti scratch has special rough coating that strengthens resistance of the surface to external (mechanical) influences. It is recommended to use for commercial vehicles interior lining, interior decoration of public areas,  everywhere where special protection is required.

All NEOBOND® sign panels are available for order upon request in plenty combinations of panel and aluminium thickness, cores, coatings, colors and textures.


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